MM5.0.0 2.4 Upload

Digizuite™ Media Manager 5 offers two different methods of uploading new files:

  1. Upload button

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    The upload button is located in the upper right corner of the application's interface. In order to upload new files with this method, the user needs to click the button and then select files from desktop in the upload dialog box. After selecting the files, clicking "Open" will start the upload process in the background.

  2. Drag and drop to upload

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    Another method of uploading files is by simply dragging and dropping them anywhere within the Media Manager 5's interface. While the user drags the file(s) over the application's interface, the drop area will turn white and the prompt "Let go to upload your files" will appear in the center of the screen. After the user drops the files, the upload will automatically start in the background.

The progress of the upload can be traced in the minimized window in the lower right corner of the screen. If the user would like to see more details, the window can be expanded and the user will be able to view the upload progress of the files individually. 

The user can edit the metadata before the files finish uploading. Clicking "Edit this" next to a new asset will initiate a single edit. It it also possible to edit metadata on more assets at once either with the use of Group Edit function (editing metadata on one asset at a time without losing track of all of them) or Multi Edit function (changing metadata on many assets simultaneously).

Upon clicking "Cancel" the user will be asked if the remaining uploads should be dropped. The user can only cancel the upload of files still in the queue.

Clicking "Remove" next to an asset will clear it away from the preview window.

Regardless of the method used to upload new files, once the upload process finishes, the user will be presented with a separate notification for each new item in the system. While the new assets appear only after refreshing the list of assets or the page, the notification appears automatically.

At the bottom of the left-side menu panel the user can find Upload History, which gives the ability to preview recently added assets.