DZT5.5 - DAM configuration - Channel creation

For connecting Templafy connector to the DAM, a new “Templafy” channel should be created in the DAM.

For creating new channel, please do a right click on the “Channel“ and choose “Add folder“.

Fill a folder name “Templafy“ and click “Ok“.

And create “Content“ folder, do right click on the “Templafy“ channel, and choose the “Add Folder“ and fill the Name: “Content” and click “Ok“ button.

Remember the “Content“ folder Id, right click on the folder and choose “Edit folder rights“

In the title of opened popup you can find the Folder Id at the end in brackets


Remember this number you need it in next steps, where you will configure the Templafy service


Add just created “Content“ folder to “Profiles and Destinations“.

Open System Tools/ConfigManager/Digizuite DAM Center/3.0.0/4.0.0, open “Profiles and Destinations“ tab and click on “Add folder“ button

And choose just created “Content“ folder

In the right-hand panel click “Add“ and fill “Profile“ and “Destination“ as on image below.