DHS 5.8 Overview

Hootsuite is a Social Media Management Platform (https://hootsuite.com/ ). The Digizuite Hootsuite connector comes in form a Content Source (https://developer.hootsuite.com/docs/add-a-content-source-component ) in Hootsuite.


Hootsuite has two connectors

  • Content Source (Iframe):

  • Stream App

    • Under Streams, the app can also be added and be used in conjunction with other stream apps.

Content Source

The Hootsuite Connector is made as a Content Source.

Where to find it?

and can be found (when installed) under Publisher → Content → Digizuite Content Source.


Supported Use-cases

The Hootsuite Connector supports the following use-cases

  • Searching, browsing and filtering assets to find exactly what assets are needed

  • Clicking on assets and seeing their metadata as well as getting a link to Media Manager.

  • Adding Digizuite Images from the Digizuite Content Source to Hootsuite Composer

    • Select the exact rendition and format of your asset to fit your SoMe post.

    • Multi select can be done in two ways.

      • Using our native multi select (supported from 5.6.0)

      • First select an asset, minimize the composer and select again

  • Adding Videos are supported but only mp4 (since Hootsuite Iframe API has limitations)

    • Selecting a video will result in an actually uploading the video to Hootsuite

    • If something fails in that process then the video will be downloaded and you can follow this process:

      • The Hootsuite composer will be opened immediately after

      • Drag & drop the video from your download-bar in your browser to the composer.

  • When a post has been scheduled you can utilize all features of Hootsuite and the planner to see your posts.

How-to-use Video

A basic overview of how it works can be seen here: